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T. R. Schumer

Author, Screenwriter

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HUM is a 2018 indieBRAG Medallion Honoree and 2017 Self-Publishing Review Book Awards Finalist

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HUM is a sexy, supernatural thriller interwoven with real computer science, and tightly wound with breathtaking action...

“Forges a sensational protagonist and an engaging story...” —Kirkus Reviews (link)

“Writing code came so naturally to me, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do...” Twenty years into her highly lucrative career, and San Francisco based programmer, Lilly Hoffnung’s résumé reads like a who’s who of the biggest names in tech. She now holds a coveted reputation as a fixer who always meets her deadlines, but this was before she accepted the offer from the AI startup known as Exousía, it was before the shocking death of a lover, and before she began to hear the Hum.

It’s been two years since Lilly woke up one morning hearing a strange sound. Constant, and inescapable, this low frequency hum has resonated inside her head ever since. She’s never been able to track down its source, and no doctor has been able to find anything wrong with her. Lilly’s last hope is an obscure, Hum research project run out of Menlo Park. So far, the only thing she’s learned from it is that she is not alone.

As the Hum grows in intensity, Lilly is desperate to hold on to her professional life, to keep working, and to push through the pain—unaware that there are others around her; a friend, a mysterious stranger, who are watching...waiting... For the first time, Lilly is now struggling to nail down a seemingly untenable software defect. She has a hard deadline looming, while a billion-dollar tech company hemorrhages cash—Lilly never imagined her career could crash this suddenly. The Hum will forever alter the course of her life, perhaps even for the better, but only if she can survive it...