Portrait of T. R. Schumer

T. R. Schumer

Author, Screenwriter

The Fearless Trilogy

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This three-book boxed set includes the original short story: Fearless is as Fearless Does

Praise for The Fearless Trilogy and author T. R. Schumer

Death Catch: “A nice twist on the zombie mania. Well written, fast paced and lots of good action and blood…” The Locationist Amazon Reviewer

Drone Catch: “Rich with action, great characters, and a writing voice that reflects the exceptional experience of the author…” Amazon Reviewer

SEAL Catch: “If you like action and suspense, you will love this thriller! The technical details and story development are quite remarkable. Be sure to read the "From the Author" at the end of the book.” Amazon Customer Review

Alex Moss is a former United States Navy SEAL with a past he can't talk about and a second career that he loves. He commands Fearless, a state of the art research vessel with a civilian mission to facilitate the world's top marine scientists. Along with first mate Malcolm Rafferty, and their hand-picked crew of fellow special operations forces veterans, Moss now assists in the advancement of marine science. It should've been a dream assignment, a cushy retirement gig— if only it had turned out that way...